Abdominal Tightening: How Can You Get a Flat Stomach?

A flat stomach is something that everyone desires. Only a handful of us, though, have one. This is because no matter how much we exercise and try healthy eating; it rarely affects the stomach.

Most of us have a little pooch due to a mix of weak, loose skin and weaker musculature. We can't make it any other way, no matter how hard we try. If you've had kids, you're nearly certain to have a drooping stomach area. The skin and muscles beneath it have been pushed too far.

Abdominal Tightening: How Can You Get a Flat Stomach?

Choose Dr. Romero at Med Aesthetic Laser Center for Abdominal Tightening

The Romero Laser's cosmetic surgeons will give you specialized care and support during the procedure. Experienced professionals perform tummy tuck surgery at Romero Laser to tighten your abdomen and trim your shape.

Dr. Romoro performs two nonsurgical procedures to reduce abdominal fat and tighten the skin. 

  1. Vanquish device which uses radio frequency generated heat to destroy fat cells
  2. Exiles device which tightens abdominal skin using radio-frequency

So, if you want to tighten your abdomen without any pain, we are here for you. We will lay down an action plan in our initial consultation.

Call Dr. Romero to discuss these laser procedures to achieve abdominal  tightening


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